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Best Seo Tools That Can Be Useful To Boost Your Site Ranking

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The good news is, many free and paid search engine optimization tools can help you audit your site so the search engines like Google can see it, to improve your rankings and relevance for target keywords. 

google search console dashboard

Google Search Console

Google has its own SEO tools to help you improve your searches and rankings. One of Google’s own SEO tools you can use for your search placements is Google Search Console, which provides a detailed view of your site and allows users to monitor their website performance. Other features of this tool include the ability to verify URLs, validate schemes and markup, check security issues and perform manual actions on affected websites. verify your website at Google Search Console is a top priority if your goal is better rankings and more searches on Google Search Engine.

bing webmaster tools dashboard

Microsoft Bing Webmaster

Microsoft Bing Webmaster gives access to a range of tools that give you insight into your websites, such as reporting, diagnostics, and SEO tools. 

moz pro logo


Moz Pro is one of the SEO tools which should be considered as a third option after SEMrush and Ahrefs. There are two areas where Moz stands out from the other two SEO tools. One of them is optimizing your site and Moz Pro has page optimization features that give specific advice on how to improve the SEO of each page on your site. Like the other two tools, Moz Pro includes audit tools for location ranking, keyword search options, and backlink analysis to assess a range of different metrics. 

Depending on the size of your business and the competitive market of your websites, this tool may make great for keyword research and competitive analytics. Spying on the websites of your customers and competitors can give you keyword inspiration, and we can agree that this tool helps a lot to save your research time.

semrush website


Liraz Postan, former SEO and Content Director at Outbrain, says his preferred SEO tool is SEMrush, which offers insights into organic traffic. 


SEO keyword tool KwFinder helps you find long-tail keywords with little competition. Your ranking tracker is a tool that helps you determine your rankings and track your improvements based on key metrics. Experts use it to find the best keywords, run analyses reports, and get backlinks to SERPs and search engine results pages. 

Internet marketing and SEO-oriented businesses have a variety of free tools at their disposal to compare your website to competitors, optimize websites for specific keywords, generate meta tags and increase organic traffic to your website. 

spyfu website


Spyfu is one of the most popular keyword research tools available on the market with powerful features like competitive insight, detailed SEO reports, and rankings. Competitive Insight is an excellent tool to determine which competitors are crashing their keyword rankings.

mangools website


Mangools have five different SEO tools for keyword research, SERP analysis, ranking, and link tracking. Unlike most SEO tools, Mangools does not offer any additional features that you might never use. If you just want an SEO tool on a small budget, Mangool has you covered. This tool is a must for anyone interested in SEO. 

what is love trend

Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends is a powerful free SEO tool in itself, but where it really shines is when it is used with Google Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to identify potential future keywords for your content and it provides you with hard data on keywords that interest you by using Google’s vast search history database. 

You need website traffic, whether you want to start a blog, an e-commerce company, or a SaaS – company. To get organic traffic, you need to rank by specific keywords on Google. Hundreds of articles are all high-ranking sites, but only one in a dozen has the coveted # 1 spot for competitive keywords.
These tools can help you analyze your site, manage backlinks, check keywords, and ensure that your site is optimized for organic search. When selecting a tool, make sure that you examine the exact features and costs before making a final decision. That’s how you find which the best seo tools for your website

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