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I Bought a Young Slave

Chapter 36 - Interlude : The Past

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

Author’s Note: This is Satsuki’s past story. There are some people who want to know about it, so I wrote it. The story is a bit heavy, so I apologize for that.


I was born and raised in a poor village. It was a small village of about ten families on the banks of a river muddy with industrial pollution. We were all poor, and every day we had to cover our starving stomachs with water.

I couldn’t go to school because I had to do some work at home. Drinking the water from the river would give me a stomach ache. so I had to boil it, and I had to do the laundry and cooking every day.

The most important part of the job was to make friends with well-off kids who could go to school. A wealthy child’s house can have three meals a day. But I can’t be there, because I am dirty and smelly. Instead, I ask for leftover food. We were able to survive thanks to the money Dad earned from his work leveling the road and the food.

I had a younger sister, but I didn’t have enough money for clothes. I wanted to send her to school if I could. Then maybe one day I can escape from this life and have a good life. While I was thinking about this, a group of strangely well-dressed men arrived in a truck.

At first, I thought it was a peddler. But I was wrong.

「 Are you willing to sell your organs? Five dollars for a liver! Ten dollars for a kidney! 」

That was a lot of money for us. With that much money, we could live without thinking about money for a little while.

「 Anybody wants to be a slave, I’ll give you 20 bucks! 」

This made everyone’s eyes change color. We were all starving, in desperate need, and had no future.

「 I’m selling my wife! 」

「 No, no, no, no! 」

「 You can’t make money with an old woman like that. She must be younger. 」

It was a couple who always seemed to be on good terms with each other. The husband is trying to sell his wife.

I had an idea. This is it. This way I can get my sister into school. I quickly went home.

「 Dad, wake up. 」

Dad had been working all day and was asleep. I had to wake him up quickly. And I have to tell him about this idea as soon as possible.

As I was shaking him hard, I felt a sharp heat on my cheek and fell to the floor. I saw the dirty bed feet and knew I had been beaten.

「…Noisy. What’s wrong with you?」

「 There are people out there who are here to buy people. 」

「 So what… 」

「 I’ll have them buy me. With that money, my sister… 」

「 Really?!!!!!! Okay, go there now!!!! 」

Dad was suddenly in a good mood as if he had just been given a drug. Then, with a snort, he grabbed my hand and said.

「 You’re my daughter. Your mother was a complete waste, but you’re different! 」

「 Dad, you have to send my sister to school. 」

「 All right, all right, I got it. You know what? Don’t drop the money they give you, okay?」

And so I became a slave.

I only became a slave because there was a lot of money to be had, but my life after becoming a slave was easier than when I was in that house. To my surprise, I was able to eat soup twice a day. There were hardly any ingredients in it, but I still remember the feeling of warmth permeating my body.

Here I was forced to learn something I didn’t want to. A study to entertain my own master.

We were forced to learn English, Russian, and Japanese, and if we didn’t learn well, the teacher would hold a cigarette to our chest. At bedtime, we all slept together in the basement. Someone would always tell a story about the past, but it was usually a sad one, and rarely a happy one, so it was always the same story. But it was a lot of fun. I think it was the first time I made a real friend there.

After we finished learning the language, we were taught how to use the toilet and how to eat. For some reason, they taught us about toilets that run on water, but I had no idea what they were like. Apparently, you have to sit on a chair to use it. It was weird.

As soon as that was over, I learned about sexual techniques. I was taught how to rub the cock of the master who bought me, and how to make it feel good, and the things I had to do.

I disliked it so much that I ran away. Of course, I was punished and had to eat only once a day. But this was the turning point to my good fortune, and I have to thank God for it.



By the way, they spread newspaper on the ground and use the toilet on it. That’s why the slum they live in smells so bad.

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9 months ago

Hmm, i think i already read this chapter, but well whatever, and thanks for picking this up