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IBYS - Chapter 25

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

A bath for two

Now it was time for the long-awaited bath. Our bathroom is not that big. This meant that She would take a bath while glued to me. I can’t imagine what it would be like.

“Shall we take a bath?


“I’m going to take a bath with you today. Do you mind?”

She blushed a little.


Yay!!!!! A complete victory!

In the changing room, the tension was already rising, and she shyly took off her clothes. The fact that she’s taking it off so slowly makes it sexier.

I even forgot to take off my clothes and just stared at her. Eventually, her little underwear slips down and falls softly to the floor.

A line was trailing from her pussy.

I can’t get enough of this. I’m glad I bought them. Holding back my smile, I put my clothes in the same washer. If the underwear were purely soaked with her bodily fluids, I’d pack them in a ziplock and keep them forever, but it has some of my fluid on them too. I’ll just have to be patient this time. I’ll wash it gently by hand later. You know. I have to do that much as a master. Yeah.

I rested her down between my legs and checked the temperature of the shower. She looks so cute as she turns her face away, hiding her private parts in embarrassment. Even though we’ve already done it. It’s kinda funny.

The shower makes her breasts glisten sexily. The scene I had always dreamed of was unfolding before me. It was a shame that her adorable nipples were hidden by her.

“I can’t get it all clean if you stay like that, right?”


Hesitantly, she removed her hands. The pink nipples were so beautiful that they seemed to be free of any dirt. I want to suck it.

I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed it with foam, the tender peak began to stiffen.

“Did it make you feel good?

I asked gently in her ear.

“No, Master!”

But even an idiot could tell if her shoulders were shaking every time I rubbed her. I stroke her body in turn, from her ribs to her stomach to her belly button. The sensation of all her shapes being recorded into my brain through the palm of my hand. It’s a memory I won’t forget. It’s permanent.

Then to her pussy.

I slip my middle finger in and it goes in easily. I’m sure it wasn’t because of the soap.

“How was it walking out on the street with my semen in your pussy?”

Yeah. I knew what I was doing is disgusting, but there is no doubt I am getting excited, it’s like I was marking her.

“I was scared that someone would notice.”

“I’m sure you were scared. But you did well to follow my orders. Now let me wash you.”

I put the shower directly on her vaginal opening.


She grabbed my knees tightly. She was breathing heavily, her eyes pleading for something, but she didn’t say anything.

As I moved my middle finger around, I could hear her groaning and it makes a nasty sound along with the sound of the shower.

” Come on, spread it open so it’s easier for me to wash.”


She spread her pussy herself. I stroked it mercilessly, of course. It’s soft. Is it done? The flowing water has now become clear.

“It’s good.”

“Thank you.”

She was so cute, no wonder my cock became bigger. It would be an accident that my cock got between the chair and her lovely ass.

My cock moves forward along her crack. I can’t describe the pleasure I feel as my cockhead is crushed by her soft ass. The feeling of rubbing her embarrassing place over and over while slipping on the slimy soap.

” Hmm. Now I have to clean your ass.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Good girl.”

I enjoy her scent as I rain kisses down on her neck. Ahhhh. I can never get enough of it. When I die, I want to die while smelling this scent.

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