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IBYS - Chapter 26

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Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

Throat Pussy

“‘Hey Satsuki, It’s your turn now to clean my body.”

I bring my achingly large cock up to the tip of her nose. Her gaze change like looking at a nasty thing. Of course. I haven’t washed it yet. I press it against her body, but I can still smell the disgusting odor from my cock.

She stopped moving, so I stuck my glans to her lips. Hey. If you don’t do it, it won’t end.

“Okay… I got it.”

She looks uncomfortable while licking my glans with her little tongue. The moment she did, a tingling sensation ran up my back.

“Put it in your mouth.”

Without waiting for her answer, I pushed it into her mouth. The first thing I felt was warmth, and then a slimy feeling as if I were melting.

But that ends quickly because she hates it.

“Cough. Cough Cough!”

“Are you okay?”

I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to shove it in again.

“Just a pervert after all”

Okay, today’s punishment is not over yet. Now, you must be punished for your cheeky mouth and your snide remark. You’ll have to pay it in your mouth.

I tried to open her mouth with my hand, but she was adamant about it. So you allow me to use your bottom mouth, but not up there? Well, I won’t stop.

I pinched her little nose, and of course, she couldn’t hold her breath long enough. Then I forcibly screwed my cock into her open mouth.


Ahhh! This bad. I went a little too hard. My cock got into her mouth all the way to the base, her nose nuzzled in the pubic hair between my crotch.

And her throat is pushing back, desperately trying to expel the foreign object. Ohhhhhh. This feels so good.

When I lower my hips back, The pressure in her throat dissipates with a dumb squishing sound. She desperately breathes air into her chest. So, it seems to have worked, so I do it again.


Ahhhh… !!!! I love this. It’s indescribable. It feels too good I might go crazy. It’s a good slave that doesn’t even bite you while you’re doing this.

“This amazing.”

Bururururu …

“Hmmm… !!!!!”

She tries to run away, so I grab her head and push her down. I’m sure it’s not all out yet.

After I’d taken a full load down her throat, I slowly pulled it out and she didn’t resist anymore.

Her eyes were filled with tears and her mouth was tightly closed, dripping with the semen I had just released.

“The mouth is where you eat your food.”

“That’s right. I’ll start pouring it all over your food tomorrow.”

I thought I’d be a little mean to her. Just for fun. But then she lost the vigor in her eyes.

“I’ll do anything you want, I just…I hate doing it with my mouth, but I’ll do my best.”

This time she swallowed on her own as if it were a thread being lowered into the abyss. I guess that’s how important food is to her.

A nasty slurping sound echoed through the room.

“Good. I’ll leave it out of the food.”

“Thank you…”

I really shouldn’t have been so mean.

She cried, looking truly happy.

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8 months ago

I think you should try translating “marquise son lascivious” banana tl didnt updated it for months already, and soapf do it poorly..

Reply to  Kyurusai
8 months ago

Emm, forever already dropped this series (IBYS), are u not gonna pick it up again?

Reply to  Kyurusai
8 months ago

I dont know if its true or not, but in their announcement they gonna dropped it at the end of September

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