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IBYS - Chapter 64

I let Luna out. She started running to me no matter where I was in the house if I stood at the door and unlocked it.

“Out there!”
“Yes, yes.”

I put a straw hat on her head and let her out. This is like drying a turtle’s shell, and I’m secretly hoping that it’s relieving her stress.

*Rustle, rustle, rustle.

An unfamiliar sound reached my ears, and I returned to my room to find Brown-chan rummaging through the trash.

“What are you doing?”

She jolted and turned around.

“No, no…”

I didn’t throw anything dangerous in there. I haven’t even been jerking off by myself lately…

“Oh, did you need more food?

“No, sir!”

She was upset enough to smash the contents of the trash can.

I guess she’s growing up. What an appetite! I’d feel better if she ate what she couldn’t eat before and got better.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

The two of us went to the garage with various things.

It’s been a while since I’ve had pancakes. I’m going to bake pancakes for the first time in a long time! Because being hungry is the worst thing of all. Pancakes are easy to make, and they make you feel full.

She gazed at the cake, which was just beginning to puff up, and squatted down.

I flipped it over, and she clapped her hands.

Put it on a plate, pour some honey on it, and it’s done!

“Come on, eat up!”

“Is it okay… if there’s only one…”

“Don’t worry about it, idiot. You’re hungry, right? Eat up.”

The way she eating was so cute. She jumps up and down and shows her happiness with her whole body.

“Look, it’s dripping.”

I scoop the honey from her mouth with my finger and lick it off. Mmmm. It’s so sweet.

“Want some more?”


“I hope you have enough room to eat for dinner.”

I started frying the pancakes again.

I looked up and saw Luna and Satsuki standing in the doorway, smiling.

“Oh, you two want some?”


I kept baking until all the flour was gone, occasionally tasting their sweet juices.


Meanwhile, the albino girl was in her master’s bed.


“Huh. Master’s smell…”


“It doesn’t feel good at all when I do it myself. Goshujintah. Hurry… punish me…”

As she rubbed her crack against her favorite master’s pillow while strangling her neck, it didn’t feel good at all.

“After all, it’s no good. Hurry up.”

Albino-chan couldn’t wait for the night. She can’t wait for the night when her master will give her so much pleasure.

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