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I Bought a Young Slave

Chapter 37 - I want to be number one

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai


Unfortunately, the sushi was very unpopular. I told her she didn’t have to eat it, but Satsuki smiled thinly and tried her best to eat a roll. But she still threw up in the bathroom.

I quickly retrieved the sushi and turned it into affordable cup noodles. Hohoho. It’s not supposed to be like this… It was painful to watch them eat the cup noodles looking so guilty, so I fled to the garage.

「 Yoo-hoo.」

「 Master, welcome home. 」

I made a mistake with the sushi, but I would rather not talk about it, because I don’t want to be judged. So, what should I do today?

「 Hey, can you dance? 」

「 Yes… a little bit… 」

「 Then, get naked and dance for me. 」

Well, I guess I’m an asshole, right? But that’s what I need to see to soothe my depressed heart. And I’m going to eat sushi while watching it. It’s nice.

Her white cheeks turn bright red and she begins to strip off her clothes. ~Shururishururi and another one. I thought I’d have to scare her a little to get her to take them off, but she was awfully obedient. And her underwear, too.

She put her hands on her underwear, which had a cloth area that made no difference whether it was there or not, and exposed her lightly pigmented pubic area.

It’s also good to hide it in shame.

Play a random song downloaded from the music app on my phone, pour some soy sauce over the sushi, and everything is ready.

「 Come on, show me the dance. 」

From the beginning, a moist anime song is played. Well, it happens. That’s because there are only such songs and such.

She begins to wiggle her hips slightly from side to side in time to a song she’s probably never heard before.

「 That’ s good. You are doing well. 」

After all, it’s also good to satisfy the desire to eat while making them do something naughty.

She starts to let her hand guard down a little more impatiently. She is probably desperate to be liked. She wants to go to the house. She doesn’t even know what it’s like there.

She spins around and turns her pretty ass right and left. It’s a feast for my eyes. If I could, I would spread her ass left and right forcibly, but I can’t do that yet.

I have to give her a gentle whipping now.

「 Entertain me more. Then I’ll give you some food. 」

Albino-chan started to use her hips explicitly. Uh oh, I did that. She cradles her hands above her head and wiggles her hips. It’s great. Really.

I beckoned her with my finger, and she came right over. So I put the tuna in my mouth and brought it close to her.

She’s a good girl. She took it in her mouth and began to chew it. When she was done, she gave me a nuzzle and a kiss as a thank you.

「 You’ve grown into a good girl so fast. I’m glad. 」

「 Do you like good girls better? 」

「 Well, yeah. 」

I said that as I fondled her little ass.

「 I want to be your number one. 」

Oi oi. What happens when you become someone like that? She’ll be impregnated and her life will be ruined. I’m not going to tell her, of course.

「 …I’m injured. Can you be nice to me again? 」

Again. Did the glass drop again?

「 Where did you get hurt? 」

「 Here… 」

She guided my hand to her pure white pubic mound. It was so soft that my fingers sank into it.

「 I’m in pain. It’s burning… can you stroke me? 」

This is that, isn’t it? A honey trap. I knew it was a trap, yet I took it.

Because, you know. If she is in pain, I have to save her.

「 The juice is coming out. 」

「 …yes ♡ 」

Not fair. This little angel is really naughty. She’s gonna get corrupted.

「 I’ll treat you carefully… 」

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