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I Bought a Young Slave

Chapter 38 - Interlude: The Day I Was Bought

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai


This is when Satsuki was bought.


Shortly after the education began, one by one, my friends disappeared. We all knew what that meant. Instruction on how to entertain a male. Etiquette. That’s what they were taught.

In the end, I was the last one remaining unsold. I think the reason was that I bit a customer. But I don’t like it when they look at me as if they are licking all over my body, or when they touch my breasts with their rough hands.

So I took the opportunity to bite the tongue of a customer who inserted it into my mouth.

It was exhilarating to watch the fat guy roll around while holding his mouth, but then I got punished badly.

「 You’re fucking defective! You’re no better than garbage! If I don’t succeed in selling you again, I’ll chop you up and turn you into a pile of meat. 」

I thought that the time when I would be bought would never come, and I didn’t want it to. But the day came sooner than I expected.

「 There’s a pervert here who wants you. 」

On that rare day, the leader of this organization took me out of the basement. I was taken to a place where there was an Asian man in an expensive-looking suit. Men are really disgusting creatures, and they never stop looking at me in a strange way.

Is there something behind the fact that they want me? My breasts aren’t big, and I got no piercings. First of all, a slave who bit a customer would not be an option. If they can wear that kind of outfit, it’s not likely that they want a cheap slave.

It’s the same this time. If he touches me, I’ll bite him. Or so I thought. Touching the product is naturally allowed here. It’s all about the customers. That’s why I thought he would reach out his hand…

「 Can you speak? 」

It was the Japanese language. He also spoke to me politely, maintaining eye contact with me. I had never seen a customer like this before.

「 What’s your name, little girl? 」

What… why am I being asked these questions… normally they would ask me if I have hair here or if I like erotic things…


I felt a burning pain in my cheek and knew I had been slapped. The leader was looking down at me with a very angry face.

「 I’ll take the girl. How much? 」

I doubted my ears. Are you still buying now!!!? Why????

Maybe this person wants to hurt me…

Just because it was unsold…

I was bought by this man with a very neat piece of money, taken from the most beautiful leather wallet I’ve ever seen.

This Asian guy paid me and then started to touch me. See? That’s what they all do. I didn’t resist because I didn’t want to damage my clothes.

Seeing that the leader left in a good mood, it must have been on very good terms that I was sold.

Then he forced his lips on me and put his tongue in my mouth. But it’s weird. The last customer that I bit was so close to my mouth that my teeth clashed with his teeth, and his breath smelled so sour that I felt nauseous. And my hair was grabbed roughly and made a buzzing sound, but this guy didn’t do that.

He was really gentle and touched me with such care that I almost forgot that I was a product. I think I understood why the leader of the group was so interested in this Asian man. He’s so good-natured…

But I was not comfortable with putting my tongue in his mouth, so I desperately pulled it back. So he poked and probed me as if he were fondling me, and licked me, which made me feel strange. He must have given me some kind of drug or something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt this way.

He who came to this store mixed with shit and mud was my master, my prince.

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