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I Bought a Young Slave

Chapter 40 - I might be sick.

Translated by : kyurusai
Edited by : kyurusai


After finishing my work, I put away my kit and went back to the living room to sit comfortably on the sofa. The fragrance of Luna still lingered in my nostrils, and I couldn’t help but smile.

As I did so, I heard fluttering footsteps and Satsuki sat down across from me.

She glanced at me, looking somewhat angry.

「 May I have a word with you? 」

「 Okay. Okay. 」

「 I… think I might be sick.」

「 Sick…? 」

Is she sick?!! That’s terrible! Ambulance!!! No, I think I’d better take her directly to the usual hospital!

「 Lie down right now. 」

「 Uh… 」

「 Here, come on. 」

I laid her body down on the sofa and touched her forehead, but there was no sign of fever. Then it’s her heart!!! I immediately start unbuttoning her shirt.

Her skin, visible through it, is strangely flushed and it looks painful. I press my ear against her chest and boom! Boom! I can hear the sound of her heart beating quite fast.

「 Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere? 」

She was sweating slightly and hiding her exposed breasts in embarrassment.

「 Actually… when I look at Master… my chest feels weird. 」

She said this as she rubbed her squirming thighs together.

「 And? 」

「 Today, when Master disappeared into the room with Luna, I felt like I was going to throw up 」

There are two possible patterns here. Either she simply thinks I’m creepy, or she’s in love with me. Well, I doubt the latter. In other words, I like little girls, and it makes her sick and nauseous.

「 I’m sorry, I’ll be out of your sight for a while. 」

I wanted to get away from her. She wouldn’t feel safe with someone like me around.

「 No, don’t go. 」

Satsuki gripped my clothes tightly. She’s looking at me with an oddly feverish expression. This makes it seem as if…

「 I will get better soon, so please stay with me for a bit longer. 」

She lies down, and I lie down beside her. She was strangely close to me, so close that our shoulders were touching.

I can lightly smell her scent, and at the same time, I’m kind of nervous because I’m afraid that my sweaty smell is reaching her as well.

After doing so for a while, she put her head on my shoulder. Her hair flowed softly, and the scent became stronger. What a dangerous scent. Not only that, but her small breasts are resting against my arm. I hadn’t bought her a bra yet, so these bumpy protuberances must be her nipples. Her plump nipples…

I imagined it and my son stood up. My son swelled up and pushed my pants up higher make it could not be hidden any longer. Twitching, she jerked, perhaps because she noticed it.

「 …it’s alright 」

She whispered in my ear. When I was unable to answer back, she lifted her hips and started to take off her skirt. Then, she also took off her panties, which were pink today, by the way. The ones with a little ribbon attached to them.

She changed her position and got on top of me.

She moaned.

Her little pussy was drooling as if begging for it.

My cock was swallowed by her soft pussy.

Tsu pupu pupu.

「 Satsuki… it feels good. 」

「 It’s deep inside me. 」

But I knew she couldn’t take a few more. The hole was too shallow for her to swallow it all. The inside was squirming and clinging, becoming more familiar with my cock than before.

「 Good girl. I like it. 」

Her insides tighten up.

「…n♡ …I also …like ..Master.」

I kissed her small lips, licking up her gums and sucking off her saliva. It’s sweet and sticky and I love it.

I slowly lifted her soft buttocks and used her weight to lower her all the way down. I gave her a hug to keep her from running away, but that was no longer necessary.

An incredible sensation pierces through my brain. I started to think that her pussy was designed for me to use. I could not help but have the wildest fantasies.

「 Master, please make love to me gently ♡ 」

「 I’m sorry, I can’t. 」

Even if she finds me disgusting, I have no intention of letting her go. Because it felt so good, there was no going back.

She bites her fingers and desperately tries to hold back her voice, she was glowing, maybe because of the sweat, but she really seemed to glow. My lovely, adorable slave.

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