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Rust Sword - V1 Chapter 3

Third Story "The Rusted Sword"

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai


Someone burst out laughing as if they couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ha-ha-ha! What’s with that last one! You brought out a filthy, tattered sword! It’s the worst F-ranked sacred weapon I’ve ever seen! My stomach hurts!”

Helio’s laughter made the people around him chuckle a little.

With so many high-quality divine weapons continue to appear and people’s expectations around me rising, for this tattered sword.

No wonder he was laughing.

If I wasn’t the one who got it, I might have laughed.

But I was clearly the one who got it, and of course, I couldn’t laugh it off.

I look down at the sacred weapon I have been blessed with once again.

Name: Rusted Sword
Rank: F
Level: 1 
Attack Power: 1
Benefit: Strength +0, Endurance +0, Agility +0, Magic +0, Vitality +0
Skills :
Durability value: 10/10

It’s rusted all the way from the tip of the blade to the handle.

It’s a sword that doesn’t look like it would be able to slay a monster.

No, it’s not a sword, it’s more like a piece of junk.

I would believe it if someone told me they had picked it up from a dumpster somewhere.

Naturally, it is ranked F, the weakest of the sacred weapons.

There was no magic, no skills.

The benefits granted to those who possess the sacred weapon are all zero.

You can’t get any stronger with these things in your possession.

My blessing ceremony was a complete failure.

“Oh, my God, I’ve laughed so much. Thanks for the awesome comeback, Rust. Let’s go home, guys!”

As soon as Helio-kun said that since I was the last, everyone left the temple.

Of course, no adventurer would come up to me.

No one cared about me anymore.


I ran away from the place without a second thought.

“Ah, Rust!”

Just then, I passed Ruby who was coming back to the temple.

But I didn’t stop and kept running away from Ruby.

I ran through the entire village and ended up in the forest, but I kept running to escape the disappointment.

( Fuck, fuck, fuck! )

I want to be an adventurer. I want to be a hero.

But that was no longer possible.

The sword in his right-hand tells the truth more than anything else.

I’ve never heard of anyone becoming an adventurer after receiving an F-rank sacred weapon.

Even E-ranked sacred weapons are considered hard to fight demons with. Trying to be a hero with a sword like this is a …… pipe dream.

I was set to be on the protected side for the rest of my life.

“Haha …… haha …… haha!”

When I reached the center of the forest, I stopped, out of breath.

I slump down on the spot for a while.

A little while later, as I looked up, I noticed that there was a woman in front of me quite late.


She has shining white hair that extends to her waist. Her skin is clear and pure white. Beautiful face.

It’s the hero Pearl.

She was about to ride off on a horse that seemed to have been leashed in the trees.

They had found a potential talent – Ruby – and were probably heading back to the big town.

My eyes met hers, and I thought I should say something.

Please take care of Ruby or something like that.

But when I couldn’t think of any words and remained silent, the other side called out to me first.

“Ruby Blood’s childhood friend, I presume.”


…… How did you know about that?

“When we discussed the recruitment, I was told that both of you had vowed to become adventurers together. And if we may, include the Rust Stone in the party.”


To ask such a thing to the hero Pearl.

Sure, we promised to be adventurers together, but she didn’t have to be so considerate.

Besides, I ended up being given the lowest grade possible, an F-ranked sacred weapon.

As I was once again getting depressed, Pearl in front of me continued to speak.

“I would have considered it depending on the outcome of the ritual, but apparently you weren’t cut out for it.”


“You can’t be an adventurer. If you force yourself to fight, you will surely fall prey to demons and monsters.”

The hero looked at the rusty sword in my right hand and spoke frankly.

When the adventurer of my dreams said that to me, I felt a crushing blow to my mind.

You can’t be an adventurer. If you push yourself, you will fall prey to demons and monsters.

“Due to the relationship of childhood friends, Ruby Blood will probably give you some encouragement. But I think it’s cruel to get your hopes up. Therefore, on behalf of Ruby Blood, I must tell you. It is better for you to give up with grace. Because there are plenty of other paths to take.”


She’s definitely right.

I can’t be an adventurer. I’ll have to find another way.

If you force yourself to fight, you will just die a dog’s death.

And her assumption that Ruby would encourage me was also pretty much accurate.

On behalf of Ruby, this person …… the hero Pearl cruelly declares it to me.

You can’t be an adventurer, she said.

The hero Pearl then drove her horse and disappeared deep into the forest.

I was left sitting on the ground, powerless.

Eventually, I heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere.

“Oh, Rust!”

It was Ruby’s voice.

I turned my head to the side and saw a girl running towards me with her long red hair swaying.

“I was so worried about you, wondering where you went. What are you doing here?”

“N, No….”

I’m not going to say anything.

I also met the hero Pearl here.

And what was said here.

As I remained silent, Ruby eventually asked me awkwardly.

“What kind of sacred weapon did you receive? I wasn’t there at the time, so I didn’t see the last ceremony…….”

“What’s it look like…….”

As is clear to see.

I raised the battered sword in my right hand and said in a languid voice.

“It’s an F-ranked sacred weapon. No skills, no magic, no benefits, nothing, just a [rusted sword].”

“I, I see…”

The atmosphere becomes awkward.

It was just as I had said prior to the ceremony.

Ruby is an A grader. I’m an F.

The strongest and the weakest.

Ruby was recruited by the strongest adventurers, and I didn’t catch anyone’s attention.

I promised to be an adventurer with her, but this situation is really pathetic.

When I was silent, unable to say anything, Ruby said something I didn’t want to hear.

“I’m sorry about the result of the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become an adventurer! Hang in there, and I’m sure you’ll become an adventurer! Rust is a determined boy, and if anything, I’ll even help… you!”


Help me?

You’re going to help me become an adventurer?

That means you’re willing to spend your time on me until I become strong enough to become an adventurer.

So what are you going to do about the invitation from that hero?

It’s obvious. Ruby, who is kind and caring, would refuse to be recruited for me.

Even though she was recruited by the most promising party, I’m the one who’s holding Ruby back.

You can’t do that. That’s something …… I would never let it happen.

“Go ahead and wait for me.”


“I wasn’t recruited by any party, but I’m sure I’ll get stronger and pass the adventurer’s exam on my own. One day, I’ll gather enough companions to beat even the hero party, and I’ll catch up with Ruby. So, Ruby, you go ahead and wait for me.”


I felt that words were not enough, so I appealed with my eyes as well.

I don’t want you to worry about me. I want you to go ahead. I’ll be fine on my own.

Most of all, please don’t embarrass me anymore.

I have a little pride, too.

And I haven’t given up.

Helio-kun laughed at me, the hero denied me of my dreams, and Ruby showed concern for me.

Still, I haven’t given up on becoming an adventurer.

Rather, I suddenly got fired up.

No matter how long it takes, I will become an adventurer …… and a hero.

“Ru-, if Rust says so, ……yeah, I’ll go ahead and wait for you. But for sure Rust, do your best to become an adventurer too. You’ll have to catch up to me. This is our next [promise].”

“Yeah, it’s a promise.”

I couldn’t fulfill our promise to become adventurers together, though.

But we made another promise.

I’m sure I’ll catch up to Ruby.

The next day, Ruby left Red Village to become the adventurer she had always wanted to be.

Translator Corner :

I am sick as a dog. It’s been a week, and my body still felt terrible. At least, I got negative result on Covid-19 test.

Well, happy reading!

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