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Rust Sword - V1 Chapter 4

The Fourth Story "The First Battle"

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

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changes :

[Demon Armor] -> [Magic Armor]


Three days had passed since Ruby had left the village.

It seems that the world around me has become much quieter.

I didn’t realize how lonely it was to wake up in the morning without no one to wake me up, which I always thought was meddlesome.

And it wasn’t just Ruby, other people of the same age were also recruited to be adventurers and left the village as earlier as they could.

Perhaps that’s why the whole village feels so quiet now. 

“Oh, Rust, good morning.”

“Oh, good morning, Mom.”

I woke up and went downstairs to see my mom cleaning the house.

I headed to the kitchen, trying my best to stay out of the way as much as possible.

Then I filled a glass with water and headed to the table to drink some water to refresh my sleepy head.

Come to think of it, what does Mom think about the result of my blessing ceremony?

‘When I told her that I had been blessed with an F-rank sacred weapon, she just said, `I see` “

No further words were uttered after that.

Could it be that she could tell from my face and the tone of my voice that I was deeply depressed?

I tried to hide my feelings as best as I could, but my mom seemed to have noticed.

“Speaking of which, Rust, you’ve been holed up in your room a lot lately, are you okay?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah, I’m fine.”

The sudden question made me flinch.

Oh, since the day I received the blessing, have I been spending most of my time in my room?

There was something about too many things that made me lose energy.

Before I could make an excuse, my mother said something outrageous.

Before I could make an excuse, my mother made a huge misunderstanding.

“I guess you still miss Ruby?”

“Ruby? I’ve been with her for as long as I can remember, so a little bit. But that’s not why I’ve been holed up in my room…….”

“I know you’re sad that your loved one Ruby is gone, but you should get some more time under the sun.”

“She is not my beloved!”

I hastily deny it.

It’s true that I miss Ruby, but that’s not the reason why I’ve been holed up.

I’ve been alone with my thoughts for a while.

What I need to do to become an adventurer in the future.

It became very difficult for me to become an adventurer because I had just been given the lowest F-rank sacred weapon. I had to think carefully before making a move.


“Oh, by the way, Mom.”

“Hmm? What?”

“I’m thinking of getting a job in the village soon, do you know of any good jobs?”

Those who receive the Blessing Ceremony will be considered adults afterward.

In other words, I need to do some work.

I was also trying to figure out what to do about the job.

My father died of an illness before I could remember, so my mother is raising me by herself.

The sooner I get a job, the better.

I know it will be quite a challenge to become an adventurer at the same time, but I will never give up.

As I was making up my mind, my mother gave me an unexpected response.

“Oh, come on, don’t be like that.”


“Because, Rust, you want to be an adventurer, don’t you?”

” Ah, right. I mean, yes, but ……”

“That’s why, Don’t you have something to do, Rust? You don’t have time to work, do you?”


I was told this as if it were a matter of course, and my mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

Something I have to do. What I have to do is [Training].

The sacred weapons that are given to you can be [Strengthen] by defeating the monsters.

According to one theory, by fighting the monsters, you will be blessed by the gods and they will make your sacred weapon stronger.

I don’t know if that theory is true or not, but adventurers increase the level of their sacred weapons through battles with monsters.

Since I had been given the lowest-ranked divine weapon, I had to experience more battles than anyone else to become stronger.

If I don’t train hard enough, I will never be able to achieve my dream of becoming an adventurer.

That’s why I’ve been holed up in my room thinking about it. I wanted to find a way to balance work and training.

But will Mom allow me to prioritize my training over my work?

Will she giving me a chance?

My mother gave me one last push as I struggled with my thoughts.

“I’ve made you a lunch box, so bring it and do your best.”


The back of my eyes grew hot.

I knew that no one would support me and that there was no chance at all.

The idea of becoming an adventurer with an F-rank sacred weapon was a crazy thought.

But thanks to my mom, my heart was saved.

I quickly put my lunch in my cloth bag, carried [Rusted Sword] on my back, and put on shoes.

“Thanks, Mom. I’ll get going then!”

“Yeah, go get ’em!”

I ran out of the house.

There are people who expect a lot from me.

Mom for her support. Ruby, who promised to wait for me up ahead.

I’ve been blessed to have them in my life, even though I wasn’t blessed with a blessing.

My cheeks slackened with happiness, and I kept running.

Eventually, I left the village and made it to a nearby forest. 

“The Whispering Forest……”

A forest of trees and plants swaying and rubbing against each other in the wind, making a rustling sound as if someone were whispering to each other.

It seems there are monsters in the depths of this forest, I’ve been told since I was a little kid to stay away from the depths of this forest because it’s dangerous.

I think the monster’s name was [Treant], or something like that.

It was a tree-shaped monster that attacked people as soon as it saw them.

It is said that they use vines that stretch out like arms to entangle people and suck out their vitality.

Apparently, human vitality is their favorite food, because it is the best nutrition.

It sounds like a terrifying creature, but it doesn’t actually have much fighting ability.

It is also known as a weak kind of monster because it doesn’t have any special attacks and only attacks with wooden vines that extend like two arms.

I think they would be the perfect opponent for me to practice with.

So I proceeded to the depths of the Whispering Forest.

“There you are.”

Then, I quickly found Treant.

They roam here and there in the forest, moving their thick roots around like legs.

Conveniently, there seemed to be only one of them.

The sight of the monster once again made me break out a cold sweat.

But there was no time to be afraid.

I gripped the [Rusted Sword] on my back firmly with my right hand and drew it out without a second thought.

And once again, I check the details of my sacred weapon.

Name: Rusted Sword

Rank: F

Level: 1 

Attack Power: 1

Benefit: Strength +0, Endurance +0, Agility +0, Magic +0, Vitality +0

Skills :

Durability value: 10/10

No magic, no skills, no benefits, just a [Rusted Sword].

It’s not the most reliable thing in the world, but it’s okay for now.

At least, it has one [Attack Power].

The monsters have a hard skin called [Magic Armor].

Ordinary weapons can’t hurt them, but the attack power-that is, the “Sacred Power” can penetrate magical armor.

In other words, even this [Rusted Sword] with an attack power of 1 is effectively capable of defeating monsters.

“So it’s all good…….”

I told myself that and squeezed the hilt of my [Rusted Sword] again.

Then, just at that moment, Treant noticed me and moved the roots of its feet to approach me.


“Here it comes!”

Treant waved the wooden vines on both arms like a whip.

I quickly ducked to avoid it.

Then I saw Treant’s defenseless body in front of me, so I swung my sword at him with all of my might.

Slashing Treant’s body with his rusted sword.

No, it would be more correct to say slap rather than slash.

[BOOM!] a sound that sounded very much not like a slash, and Treant turned his head back lightly.


……It works.

Although it didn’t sever him, the damage was done by striking him with a rusted sword with offensive power.

I can win this in some way.

As I found hope for victory and secretly rejoiced, Trent waved the wooden vine again.

I wonder if he gets angry because he got hit.

It was a quicker blow than the previous one.

In addition, he was aiming slightly lower this time so that I couldn’t avoid him by crouching.

“Damn it!”

The vine snapped like a whip, and I couldn’t block it with my sword.

Immediately, I was struck by a wooden vine.

I was blown away to a large tree behind me because I couldn’t hold on to my footing.


I can’t help but gasp.

It hurts so much. Painful, really painful. It hurts so much that there is no place where it doesn’t hurt.

I almost fainted from the blow.

This is what it means to fight. For the first time, I felt the tension of being on the verge of death.

Even though it is said to be a weak category, it is indeed a monster.

And since I don’t have any ‘benefits’ attached to it. My current physical abilities are purely those of a poor twelve-year-old boy.

Name: Rusted Sword

Rank: F

Level: 1 

Attack Power: 1

Benefit: Strength +0, Endurance +0, Agility +0, Magic +0, Vitality +0

Skills :

Durability value: 10/10

The sacred weapon has a special power called “Benefit” in it.

It increases the muscle strength and endurance of those who possess it, and it allows the most skilled adventurers to achieve superhuman movements.

It is a much more important power than magic or skills.

I’ve heard that the average value is about 100 for a level 10-20 D-rank sacred weapon.

This alone is enough to give them extraordinary physical abilities, and when the number exceeds 300, they are said to gain power beyond human comprehension.

That’s what the [Rusted Sword] lacks completely. The benefits are all zero.

This is also true for attack power.

The average is around 100. And it is said that if it is over 300, it can defeat most monsters, and if it is over 500, it will go down in history as a legendary sacred weapon.

For reference, Here is the sacred weapon of the Red Village Guard, who used to be a mid-level adventurer.

Name: Heavy Bone Handaxe

Rank: C

Level: 20

Attack power:150


  • Strength +170 
  • Endurance +120 
  • Agility +80 
  • Magic +0 
  • Vitality +150

Skill: [Muscle Strengthening]

Durability value: 200/200

I had asked him about the properties of the sacred weapon before out of curiosity, and he was willing to tell me.

It seems that with properties like this, you can play a major role as an adventurer.

According to the story, the previous generation of heroes had an attack power of over 600, and it is said to be the largest attack power of any currently confirmed sacred weapon.

It is called the [Heavenly Holy Sword].

Anyway, I have a new understanding of how weak my sacred weapon is.

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to fight so far without benefits…….

“But I have to do it……!”

I stood up and tightly gripped my rusted sword again.

Treant, on the other hand, stretched out his vines to entangle my body.

I quickly went behind the large tree.

Then his vine hooked onto the branch of the large tree and tangled up nicely.

“All right!”

I was saved by chance.

I take advantage of the opportunity to get closer to Treant.

I skimmed to the rear and swung backward, slamming my rusty sword into his defenseless back.


One strike, two strikes, three strikes!

I continued to slash at him.


With all my power, I swing my rusted sword at Treant’s immobile back.

My hands were about to go numb, and I finally noticed a change in Treant.


Trent falls to the ground weakly and becomes quiet.

As I stared while wondering, Treant’s body eventually began to glow faintly.

Instantly, the whole body becomes a fine grain of light and disappears.


I stared at the empty ground and tilted my head.

Now that is the phenomenon of monsters ceasing to exist.

I’ve heard that when a monster’s vitality is depleted, they turn into light and disappear.

That meant I had beaten Treant.

With the weakest [Rusted Sword].

“Phew, I’m so tired!”

Feeling relieved that I had won, I sat down on the ground and collapsed.

I took out a small water bottle from the cloth bag wrapped around my waist, drank some refreshing water, and took a breath.

It’s still pretty tough.

I thought that I could fight reasonably well if I had the attack power, but it’s no good if I’m struggling so much with a single Treant.

It is impossible to pass the adventurer’s exam, which is said to be tough.

I guess I’ll just have to steadily defeat the monsters and make the [Rusted Sword] stronger little by little.

Speaking of which, did I raise the level of my sacred weapon?

So I looked at the properties of the [Rusted Sword].

Name: Rusted Sword

Rank: F

Level: 1 

Attack Power: 1


  • Strength +0
  •  Endurance +0
  • Agility +0
  • Magic +0
  • Vitality +0

Skills :

Durability value: 6/10

“Geez! My durability value is already this low!”

I can’t help but shout.

I was vaguely aware that my level hadn’t increased, but I didn’t expect that my endurance value had already decreased by almost half.

This would mean that I would only be able to fight one more time.

I guess I’d better go to the temple after I kill the next Treant and restore my endurance.

In the temple, you can restore the durability value of the sacred weapon.

It can also repair sacred weapons that have been broken due to a total loss of durability value.

They say that by placing a sacred weapon, or part of a sacred weapon, on the altar and praying, the gods will restore it to its original state.

If a sacred weapon is broken, all the effects of the sacred weapon will be disabled, so it is better to fix it before it breaks.

Your attack power, benefits, magic, and skills will all cease to function, making it impossible for you to fight the monsters.

At this rate, I’ll probably be visiting the temple a lot in the future.

And it’s not very efficient either, after all, fighting with this [Rusted Sword] is pretty ridiculous.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.”

There are definitely ways to become stronger.

Even my mom is supporting me, so let’s take our time and get stronger, even if it’s slowly.

Besides, everything is a [Trial].

I looked at the [Rusted Sword] in my right hand and renewed my determination.

And then……

I continued to spend most of my days hunting Treant deep in the forest.

Whether it’s raining or windy, I take my mother’s lunch and my [Rusted Sword] and go to the Whispering Forest.

There were days when I would return home crying because I had been beaten back on occasion, and there were days when my durability value had been completely depleted and my sacred weapon had been broken.

Still, I continued my training.

To become the adventurer I’ve always wanted to be. To live up to Mom’s expectations. To catch up with Ruby.

I kept repeating such a routine, and before I knew it, three years had passed.

I’m still struggling to hunt down a single treant, and my strength hasn’t changed a bit from three years ago.

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