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Rust Sword - V1 Chapter 6

The Sixth Story "Evolution"

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

Finally I can say goodbye to my flu. 

Will be updating 5 chapter for next week only (this week forgotten regular 2 chapter and next week 3 regular chapter) on random days of course. 

A simple upper slash with no form or anything.

Since the sacred weapon has no benefit, perhaps from the other side, the sword can be seen as standing still.

Still, I swung my rusted sword with all the strength I could muster.

“What? What the hell?”

Then the Majin noticed me as I entered the clearing and gave me a dull look.

Regardless, I slash at it, but when I get close to the Majin, my vision suddenly blurs.

The next thing I knew, I was being blown back to the large tree behind me.


…… It hurt. It hurts so much. I can’t comprehend what just happened.

While my mind was spinning, I managed to raise my head to look at the Majin, and before I knew it, the thing was raising its right leg toward me.

Did I get kicked?

“What? What the fuck? You’re weak as shit. I thought you might be able to fight at least a little since you were so eager to slash at me, but you’re a damn letdown.”

The Majin looks at me with disdain.

Sure, I’m one of the weaker humans, but that kick that you just gave me was way too fast…….!

I could barely see anything.

It’s a different level of strength compared to the Treant I fight regularly.

Perhaps he has received a powerful benefit from the sacred weapon held in its right hand.

In addition to having a higher physical ability than humans, he also receives benefits from divine weapons, resulting in an overwhelming existence.

These are the Majins. A high-ranking monster that adventurers are facing.

It is impossible for me to win, but I forced my aching body to rise, and even though I was unsteady, I readied my sacred weapon.

“Stay away from that girl…….”

He~eStay away~, Then try to get away from me you small fry.”

He replies in a provocative manner.

Enraged, I grasped the sacred weapon again and launched a second charge.


But then again, he……


While saying that, he kicked my body with his right leg.

I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen as I crashed into a large tree behind me.

There is no time to evade or guard against it. The gap in power is just too overwhelming.

I collapsed helplessly to the ground, unable to pick myself up right away.

“Damn, I’m not getting much out of this little fella. I came here because I heard that the village near here has produced quite a few strong wielders, yet it seems to be a complete letdown.”

Was that the reason why this Majin had come so close to Red Village?

Three years ago, when I received the Blessing Ceremony, Ruby and many others were given high-ranked sacred weapons.

I heard that most of them became adventurers and made a name for themselves.

Hearing the rumor, this demon had come to Red Village in search of a strong wielder.

Because the Majin’s sacred weapon receives a stronger blessing from the evil god as it kills stronger people, thus becoming even stronger.

“It’s a bit risky, but I think I’ll go after [Platinum] and [Master] rank adventurers in earnest from now on. That way, I can get stronger quickly.”

The werewolf Majin then walked up to the girl who was lying down on the ground. 

He then raised the greatsword in his right hand.

“Well, enough of that. Experience is experience, even if it’s like this. First of all, I’ll kill you little shit.”

“n, no……”

This is bad, that girl is!

I hastily got up from the ground, enduring the pain all over my body.


I quickly stepped in between the girl and the Majin.

I used my [rusty sword] to block the great sword that was about to slice through the girl, and got into a sort of Tsubazeriai with the Majin.


“Wow, how did you manage to receive it with such a shabby sacred weapon? I praise you for your efforts. But you know what……”

Immediately, he whispered to me in a voice so low it sent chills down my spine directly in my face.

“It’s starting to get annoying. I’m gonna kill you for real.”

At that moment, I felt a tremendous pressure on my hand that held the sword handle.

It’s a ridiculous amount of force.

My [Rusted Sword] is no match for his [Black Greatsword].

At this rate, my sacred weapon will break.

If he breaks my sacred weapon, there is no way for me to stop him.

No before that. As soon as it breaks, I’m dead.

Me and the girl behind me.

The current durability value of the [Rusted Sword] is……

Name: Rusted Sword

Rank: F

Level: 9

Attack Power: 9


  • Strength +0
  • Endurance +0
  • Agility +0
  • Magic +0
  • Vitality +0

Skills :

Durability value: 2/15

“Damn it……!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks now.

I absolutely couldn’t afford to be defeated.

I can’t even defeat a single Majin.

I can’t even save one girl.

I’ve been training so hard to become an adventurer.

Even though Ruby and my mom had given me so much support.

Three years of my life, Just what the heck was that about.

“So long, hero-wannabe small fry.”

With a grin and a creepy smile, the werewolf demon pressed his greatsword further towards me.

The rusted sword made an awful creaking sound as it finally began to crack.

His sacred weapon will slice me in half, and that will be the end of me.

–The hero-wannabe small fry.

I believed that if I worked hard enough, I would be rewarded one day.

I thought something would change if I just kept working on it.

I believed someone had been watching my efforts, when in fact no one was watching me.

But this was all just a big charade.

I, who could never be a hero, was distracting myself from reality by immersing myself in meaningless training.

I was always optimistic in front of my mom, but somewhere deep inside I knew I had already resigned.

I can’t be an adventurer. I can’t be a hero.

He’s right, I’m just a small fry playing hero who can’t even save one girl.

(Well, that’s fine…….)

It doesn’t matter if I can’t be an adventurer.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t be a hero.

I don’t care if I can’t pay back the people who have been insulting me.

I don’t care if I can’t catch up with Ruby who said she’d go ahead and wait for me.

I don’t care about those fantasies right now.

Right now, I just…

“do not….want to lose ……”

To the Majin in front of me……

“do not….want to lose ……”

I’ve been a coward…….

“do not….want to lose ……”

do not want to lose? No……

“I’ll definitely win!!!”

At that moment, as if responding to my cries, the [Rusted Sword] glowed bright white.

This is a phenomenon I’ve seen time and time again, the rise in the level of sacred weapons.

By fighting the higher-ranked monster Majin, the level of the [Rusted Sword] increased.

The fact that it was at level 9 earlier means that……

Name: Rusted Sword

Rank: F

Level: 10

Attack Power: 10


  • Strength +0
  • Endurance +0
  • Agility +0
  • Magic +0
  • Vitality +0

Skills : [Evolution]

Durability value: 2/15

Rusted sword, level 10.

It’s been a while since the last level-up.

In addition, a skill that I didn’t recognize had appeared in the [Rusted Sword].


It’s a skill I’ve never heard of.

I don’t know what the hell this is supposed to do.

However, I wonder if it is the effect of that skill……

The changes in [Rusted Sword] were not limited to leveling up.

The rust on the sword was falling off like a creature breaking its eggshell.

At last, the true form of the sacred weapon, which had been hidden under the rust, was revealed.

“Wha, what the hell is…that?”

A blade as black as the darkest of nights as if it were sucking in all the lights.

Even the handle is dyed black.

And to top it all off, there is a dark and sinister aura that is clearly visible to the naked eye.

It’s as if an evil god gave it to me, like a [sacred weapon of the Majin].

The identity of the eerie thing is……

Name: Cursed Demon Sword

Rank: S


Attack Power: 500


  • Strength +500
  • Endurance +500
  • Agility +500
  • Magic +500
  • Vitality +500

Skill: [Sacred Weapon Synthesis]

Endurance value: 500/500

“cursed……demon sword?”

My [Rusted Sword] turned into a sacred weapon with a sinister name [Cursed Demon Sword].

Translator Corner :

Poor werewolf, the fate of the stepping stone.

Btw, With an average stat of 300 and above, you gain power beyond human comprehension they said.

What the hell is that stat? and what the hell is that skill [神器合成]? also, an S Ranked weapon? the weapon level is blank in the raw.

I’m pretty sure in chapter 2, Rust said the rank starting from A to F, no S rank is mentioned. So that got me thinking the Hero Pearl must be an A-ranked weapon wielder. Is it because he is from the countryside, that is why there is no such information or he is the first S-rank wielder? Interesting.

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8 months ago

Now I wanna know more! By the way, welcome back tl and thanks for your hard work.

8 months ago

Thanks for the translation! It’s interesting the MC sacred weapon is now an S rank when it wasn’t mentioned that such rank even existed or perhaps it only exists in legends and no one is aware it’s actually possible to get it.

8 months ago

High chances he’s the only S rank cuz to get to the S rank you have to do an almost impossible effort like Rust. There’s the chance too that some of those heroes in legends who defeated the Demon Lord got S rank too.