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Rust Sword - V1 Chapter 7

The Seventh Story "The Cursed Demon Sword"

Translated by : kyurusai
Edited by : kyurusai

I’m alive

im sad

Name: Cursed Demon Sword

Rank: S


Attack Power: 500


  • Strength +500
  • Endurance +500
  • Agility +500
  • Magic +500
  • Vitality +500

Skill: [Sacred Weapon Synthesis]

Endurance value: 500/500

Attack power and blessing are all 500.

While 300 is said to be incredible, this is far too strong.

To the best of my knowledge, That is not an exaggeration to say this is the highest grade of divine weapon.

Why did my 【Rusted Sword】 turn into such a godlike weapon?

Why did the sword suddenly change its shape?

No, that’s not important right now.

It’s as if power is rushing from within my body like a gushing flood.

This is the blessing given by the sacred weapon.

The mighty power that God gives to human beings.

I don’t …… feel like losing!

「 Ha! 」

I flicked away the Majin’s greatsword, which had been stuck in a fierce battle.

He hadn’t budged at all a while ago, but now it was easy to shove him back.

「 Nani!? 」

The Majin was pushed back by the sacred weapon, causing him to lose his balance badly.

I won’t miss that window of opportunity.

With the sacred weapon in my right hand, I slashed at the Majin’s chest.

It’s easily sliced through his magic armor which my【Rusted Sword】 could not even scratch.

「 Agh! 」

As fresh blood splattered in front of my eyes, the demon quickly backed away from me.

It’s a shallow wound.

But he held his wounded chest with his hand and looked at me with a face full of rage.

「 Y, You bastard! You fucking scratched my damn body! I’ll never forgive you! Never! 」

I wonder if he was so proud of his magic armor.

He seemed to feel intense anger regarding his wound.

He swung his black greatsword with all his might as if he were letting his anger control him.

It was both powerful and fast, a normal person would have been overwhelmed by the sheer force of the blow alone, but I calmly flicked it with the sword in my right hand.

「 Goddamniiiiit!!!」

The Majin continued to swing his sacred weapon.

Likewise, I repel the Majin’s assault.

The surrounding trees were rustling loudly due to the violent pressure caused by the clashing sacred weapons.

「 Hah… huh…. hu…!」

Eventually, the Majin gasped and stopped his assault.

It seems that the idea of being exhausted exists even for Majin.

This is a little surprising.

「 Damn it! You’ve suddenly got new powers! Then, I’ll show you my『Sacred Weapon』true power! 」

The Majin raised his black greatsword high in the air as if to show it to the world.

「 Enchantment Magic ―― 【Hellflare】! 」


T/n: How do you translate this? 

raw : 付与魔法(エンチャント) — 【黒炎】(ヘルフレア)


As soon as he shouted that, black flames appeared on his greatsword.

Even standing at a distance, I could feel the heat.

It’s a dangerous black flame.

「……『Enchantment Magic』huh…」

There are two categories of sacred weapons.

an 『Armaments System』 sacred weapon and a 『Catalysts System』 sacred weapon.

Armaments System sacred weapons are the kind of sacred weapons that have their own attack power and can directly attack monsters.

And a Catalyst sacred weapon is a sacred weapon that has no offensive power in itself but can create supernatural phenomena called 『Magic』.

Therefore, people who have catalyst sacred weapons are sometimes called 『Wizards』 or 『Magicians』 by the general public.

In addition, there is no such thing as 『Magic』 in Armaments system sacred weapon.

One of them is an『Enchantment Magic』.

It can raise the attack power of sacred weapons and make them have special effects.

From the looks of it, his enchantment should have the effect of increasing his attack power.

He seems to decide to end this with his strongest move.

「 Haha! Now I’ve exceeded your sacred weapon’s attack power! Die, you fucking small fry!!! 」

The Majin swung his black flaming greatsword with both hands and jumped out with all his might.

A spectacularly fast upper slash.

When I saw that, I raised the【Cursed Demon Sword】 in my right hand to prevent that blow…….

Rather, I set my left hand, which was not holding anything, in front of me.

At that moment–

「 Wha?! 」

As if being sucked in, the black flaming greatsword falls into my left hand.

I felt a tremendous shock and heat in my left hand, but I only frowned slightly and completely stopped his strongest move.

「 Di, Did you took it with your bare hands? My sacred weapon…..? No, that’s impossible……. 」

The Majin was shocked at what he witnessed.

But what the heck.

I merely thought I could catch it with my bare hands, so I just did it.


「 Now it’s my turn. 」

I firmly gripped my sword again with my right hand.

He carried it over his right shoulder and swung it over to the Majin, who stood there stiffly in front of him.

「 Ha! 」

With one blow, I cut it in half.

「 Gu…h… 」

The Majin, who was cut in half from his left shoulder to his right hip, fell to the ground helplessly.

Then he looked up at me with a look of shock and indignation.

「 There, is…., with such a shabby weapon, it was……. 」

Gradually, the Majin’s body began to be engulfed in light.

His entire body gradually turned into grains of light, which dissipated as if they were dissolved in the air.

「 Damn….it…. 」

All that was left behind was his sacred weapon, a hideous black greatsword.

A moment of silence fell over the place.

The fight I had just been experiencing faded into silence, and I let out a sound to confirm the reality of the situation.

「 Did I just defeat a Majin? 」

I was a weakling and a crybaby.

I was supposed to have received the weakest sacred weapon in the world.

I was a child who was bullied.

I can’t believe it.

But this is an undeniable fact.

The sobbing from behind reminded me of this.

「 Ugh……. Higgghhh…… 」

She was the little girl who was almost killed by a Majin.

She was still lying on the ground, her face all crumpled up in tears.

I’m alive, she’s alive, we’re both alive.

I walked up to the girl again and crouched down so that we were eyes to eyes.

「 It’s all right. I’ve defeated the scary demon. So stop crying……. 」

And while consoling her……

Suddenly, my vision blurred.

The scenery in front of me was shaking as if the world was spinning out of control.

「 e……h…..? 」

My consciousness quickly drifted away, and I collapsed to the ground.

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7 months ago

Thanks for the translation!

7 months ago

Thank God, you’re alive.
Some minor correction:
his right hand, he slashed -> my right hand, I slashed

sliced through his magic armor which his【Rusted Sword】 could not even scratch -> sliced through his magic armor which my【Rusted Sword】 could not even scratch

Sacred Weapon』true power ->

Sacred Weapon』’s true power

show it to world -> show it to the world

He carried it over his right shoulder and swung it over to the Majin, who stood there stiffly in front of him -> I carried it over my right shoulder and swung it over to the Majin, who stood there stiffly in front of me

Regarding enhancement magic, I think your translation is fine for now. Need more samples in the future chapters tho.

7 months ago

It’s black flame one my translation but ik u do ur best as the translator

Deus: apreciador de fofurasD
Deus: apreciador de fofuras
2 months ago

Eu entendi a referência. Pão