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Slave Hero In Another World

1-1. Handshake Event.

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

” ” “Reina Reina-chan!” ” “

The event space, a multi-functional building in one of Japan’s largest regional cities echoed with the voices of men and women, a mixed mixture of anticipation, joy, and nervousness. I’d say 70% of the voices were male.

“Hello! Hello, everyone!”

With a sweet and soothing voice, an angel descended. The angelic girl with black hair appeared from the left side of the stage built at the back of the vertically long room, looking around at the audience with a big smile while waving her hand with a microphone in one hand. Her wine-blue dress with black see-through neck and arms gave her a mature look, creating a different charm from her usual innocence.

One day in December 2017, Hatsuki Jin was attending a mini-live handshake event to celebrate the release of a new single by Reina Sayama, a popular high school girl voice actor who is one year younger than him. It was the opening theme song for the anime in which Reina herself voices the main heroine, and her fifth single, her first rock tune since her first single, had broken her past CD sales record due to the popularity of the anime.

“Now please enjoy the song. Future Wish by Sayama Reina.”

Reina, who had been talking about the behind-the-scenes of the music video shooting on the stage, finished her talk and moved the song to the mini live performance. When the lights turned off and the prelude started playing, many of the audience raised their glow sticks. Red, the theme color of the song, and pink, Reina’s theme color, lit up the venue.

As Reina spun around in time with the interlude, her waist-length hair danced softly in the air.

“Thank you so much!”

Thunderous applause was given to Reina as she dropped her pose and bowed to the audience.

“After this, we’ll have a handshake session! I’ve got to get ready, so just wait a bit.”

Reina waved her hand with a pleasant smile and once she was offstage, the venue staff started preparing for the event. A basket was set up on the long desk in front of the stage for people to leave their baggage. Fan letters and gifts were left at the entrance beforehand, so there was no problem leaving empty-handed.

Jin had been writing fan letters every time he attended events and live performances. Although he wanted to give her gifts as well, it was a little difficult for him financially as he attended a high school where part-time work was prohibited. When he heard Reina say on the radio interview she did together with the two members of her voice acting unit that she was the happiest when she received a heartfelt letter. He decided that he would only send fan letters until he entered university and earned his own money.

Jin first came to know Reina three years ago, when she was the voice of one of the heroines in an anime. At the time, Jin was tormented by his own helplessness and was impressed by the heroine who was also lamenting her own helplessness but kept moving forward. He then became interested in the voice actor who played the character. It was very encouraging to see Reina working hard in a harsh world as a junior high school student through the radio. For the first time, He was able to say, “I’m a fan of this person.” Of course, He also liked the way she looks. Also, Her incredibly cute voice was also a big factor.

“Thank you for waiting!”

Reina returned to the stage again, called by the staff who had finished preparing for the handshake session. Ten people in the first row lined up on the right side of the seat. After leaving their luggage with the staff, they went in turn, in front of Reina. She was blocked by the participants and the staff. Jin, sitting in the middle of the seventh row, could hardly see Reina. 

“Can you see Reina-chan?”

“No, I can’t see her at all.”

“Of course not.”

The man sitting next to me, who I had talked to briefly before the show started, approached me. He was the same age as me, and this was the first time we had close contact. He seemed to be very nervous.

“Well, if I can see Reina all the time… My mind would go blank and I wouldn’t be able to think of anything to say. In a way, I’m thankful for that.”

He smiles back with a bitter smile and while looking ahead, he summarized what he was going to say. This is the fourth time he has talked to Reina directly, but there is no such thing as getting used to it.

To calm his nerves, he gripped the ring at the end of the chain necklace around his neck over his clothes. To calm his nerves, he gripped the ring at the end of the chain necklace around his neck over his clothes. For Jin, the ring with the small blue stone in it was a symbol of his helplessness, but also the only proof of his past when he had worked so hard and it was a source of emotional support.

Shortly before he knew Reina, Jin was in a stupor in the middle school classroom. He felt the same way he did when he dozed off in class and came back to his senses with a jolt. His mind couldn’t catch up. A few moments ago, Jin was not in the classroom. It was hard for him to believe, but Jin had been summoned as the hero in another world. One year ago, from the same seat in the same classroom as now, he was suddenly summoned to a white castle in another world. And in the midst of his mission, he was forced to return to his original world from the castle that was about to fall.

Jin turned his head down and looked at his body. Naturally, There was no custom-made light armor that should have been there, just

himself in a black school uniform. As he looked around, the fact that a year had passed was nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Right when his friend sitting next to him was begging him to show him his homework for the next class. The memories that had been so vivid faded like a haze. He could only think that he had been dreaming for a long time.

Then, his friend, who was wondering why Jin wasn’t responding well, pointed out that there was a ring that he was familiar with on the ring finger of his left hand. A ring that he definitely didn’t wear before he was summoned. Only its existence and the feeling of helplessness that was deeply etched in his heart told him that the events of the past year, which he had only dreamed about, were real.

“The next person in line, please grab your stuff and line up in a row next to me.”

Following the staff’s instructions, Jin took his hand off the ring and lined up behind the man sitting next to him. There were only about ten people left until it was Jin’s turn. His heart rate increased as he caught a glimpse of Reina through the gaps between people.

[ It doesn’t matter if it’s a dream or not. Whether it was reality or a dream, my thoughts at that time were true. you may not be able to wipe away the doubts in your mind, but do not close your heart and do whatever you want. You may have regrets, but nothing in life is ever wasted. So, “Jin @ the man who might have been called a hero”, let’s work together with me. ]

TL => [] talking in his mind

Jin remembered the time when he had sent an email to the consulting segment of the radio station where Reina was the hostess and got selected. Of course, the important parts were blurred out. Even so, He couldn’t talk to anyone about it, and when He heard Reina’s sincere answer to his thoughts that he had been trying to forget by forcing himself to say that it was a dream, His doubts clear up.

After that, Jin started running early in the morning, and after school, he worked hard on swinging wooden swords and muscle training while remembering the training he did in the other world. On his days off, he went to a general martial arts dojo and learned useful knowledge from the library and the Internet. If it was a dream, it would be a meaningless act driven by frustration from something unknown, but he no longer cared about such things.

Even if he prepared himself so that he would not regret it next time, it was more likely that he wouldn’t be summoned again. In another world where magic exists and the laws are different, there may be no point in training his body in this world. During breaks, I read light novels, watched anime, mainly about otherworldly reincarnation and otherworldly transmigration, which I had never been familiar with before, and listened to Reina’s radio, while continuing my training to develop the magic in my body that I couldn’t feel in this world.

Not for the unchangeable past, but for the future that will never come.

“It’s been a while. It’s been a year since we’ve spoken in person.”

Finally, it was his turn to speak, and he nervously held out his right hand in front of Reina, her large, slightly slanted eyes narrowed gently.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m glad you’re here again.”

Reina’s hands gently wrapped around Jin’s as she smiled like a blooming flower that seemed to come from the bottom of her heart. Jin gently put a little more strength into his hand that held Reina’s warm and soft hand.

That’s when–

A pale blue magic circle with geometric patterns and a six-pointed star spread out around Reina’s feet across the long desk, then emerged as if scanning her entire body. Jin’s hand, unable to react to the suddenness of the event, was squeezed tightly. Reina standing in front of him, widening her eyes in surprise. As the magic circle passed over his head, he felt as if his entire body was being pulled upward, can’t feel his weight, and become disoriented.

Jin knew this feeling.

Translator Corner :

Since this is longer than I Bought a Young Slave, I will try to translate around  3 – 4 chapter a week. Happy reading!
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