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Slave Hero In Another World

1-2. Otherworld Summon

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai

As if waking up from sleep, His brain slowly awakens. when He blinked a few times and regained his sight, an unfamiliar place greeted him. The windowless space, with its bare rock surface, looks like a basement. Several rectangular lamps, like those found in highway tunnels, were installed on the walls, illuminating the room.

Jin glanced around. In front of him is a middle-aged man in red armor, resembling a knight, and there is a young girl with silver hair and blue eyes showing a strong will. Behind her, there was a small girl with blond hair, green eyes, and slightly pointed ears. With the three of them in the center, knights in silver full-body armor lined up on either side.

Beneath Jin’s feet, there was a large stone slab that had been broken in half, with what looked like a magic circle painted on it. At each point of the hexagram, robed men and women sit breathlessly. And behind him, Rena, who had been holding his hand just a moment ago, stood dumbfounded with an anxious expression on her face.

After confirming that much, Jin is absolutely certain. he realized that his current situation was the same as the one that had happened to him in the past, the hazy memories came back vividly and he fell to his knees, shaking his head.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The silver-haired, blue-eyed girl took a step closer. Jin looked up and was momentarily taken aback by her well-developed appearance. With a stiff expression, the girl who was probably a little younger than him gazes between him and Rena. Jin looked behind him, made eye contact with Rena, and nodded lightly, then stood up with all the strength he could muster in his unsteady body and looked at the front.

“Yes, all good.”

The girl’s eyes opened wide for a moment at Jin’s words, and then she quickly changed her expression to a smile.

“Sorry for the lack of a proper greeting. My name is Lunaria Grenseal, the First Imperial Princess of the Glensir Empire. Please make my acquaintance.

TL note: She is using ‘watakushi’.

“My name is Lunaria Glenseal, the First Imperial Princess of the Glenseal Empire. Delighted to make your acquaintance.”

Lunaria grabbed the hem of her silver-white dress which was the same color as her hair and bowed gracefully, but Jin froze, forgetting to return the bow or say his name. There was a familiar word in Lunaria’s words.


“Yes. This is the Glenseal Empire. It may be hard for you two to believe, but this is a different world than the one you came from.”

Lunaria answered the murmur that spilled out of his mouth. He felt the presence of Rena gasping for breath behind him.

“You may be confused by all of this. It may sound too ridiculous to be true, and you may not agree. But the fact is, you have been summoned to our empire as heroes.”

Jin managed to control his anger, which seemed to boil in his head and stood over Rena to hide her from the Lunaria. Take a deep breath and calming his mind. He was not willing to put Rena in danger just because of personal reasons.

“I understand what are you saying. But it’s not something that can be immediately accepted. Could you give us some time to talk alone?”

While watching Lunaria and the other knights around him, he secretly prepared the magic in his body. The ability to manipulate magic power, which was impossible in the original world no matter how hard he tried, was now possible without even a thought, just as if he were moving his body.

While he felt relieved that he could use magic, he couldn’t help but feel that the amount of magic power he could manipulate was too small. It was very unlikely that he would be able to shoot the Dark Inferno. He wanted to check his status as soon as possible, but he could not be careless. His knees were trembling and he felt weak.

“Sure, there will be always time for that. But let me explain a little more about this world. And may I ask your names?”

“I’m Hatsuki Jin.”

“My name is Sayama Rena.”

“Jin-sama and Rena-sama, right?”

Lunaria nodded slowly and signaled to the silver-armored knight. While Jin narrowed his eyes in vigilance, the knight handed an A4-sized silver plate to Lunaria. It’s an appraisal stone.

“This is a magic tool called an appraisal stone. As the name suggests, a magic tool is a tool that is operated with magic. Magic tools have a variety of uses, but appraisal stones are used to check status.”

To Jin, it was something he already knew. There is no doubt anymore. This world is the same world where Jin was once summoned as a hero. He was familiar with the red armor of the Knight at Lunaria’s side. It looked similar to the red armor that was once given to the most powerful knights of Glenseal.

“I’m sorry. But, what do you mean by “magic power” or “status” ……?”

Reina peered over Jin’s shoulder at the appraisal stone in Lunaria’s hand.

“Oh, that’s right. There is no such thing as magical power or magic in your world, is there?”

Lunaria smiled softly.

“Magic power is an energy produced by the magical element, one of the essential elements of life in this world. Magic is the use of the magic power to perform various phenomena. For example  ‘From the source of pure water, flow out and gather in my hands’ — ‘Water Ball’ 

When she finished her chanting, calm like a clear surface of the water, a ball of water the size of a softball floated in the palm of Lunaria’s hand. Rena’s eyes widened in surprise. Upon seeing Reina’s fresh reaction, Lunaria’s cheeks relaxed and the ‘Water Ball’ disappeared.

“Now, back to the topic at hand. So, here is the appraisal stone, if you put your hand on the plate and pour magic power into it, you can check your status”

The appraisal stone emits a silvery glow, then displaying letters and numbers. Lunaria pointed it out so that Jin and Rena could see it.


Name: Lunaria Glenseal

Race : Human

Age : 15 Years old

Occupation: Princess

LV : 18

HP : 102/102

MP : 115/115

Strength : 81

Endurance: 77

Magic power:128

Agility: 82

Skills: Dagger Art (1), Staff Art (2), Martial Arts (1), Magic Manipulation (1), Water Magic (3), Earth Magic (2)

Servant: Sylphy


“From the sound of it, I had a feeling this might be the case, but it really sounds like a game…..”

“Based on the research of past heroes, it seems that when it comes to language and writing, if similar things exist in our world and yours, they are automatically translated. So, I am sure something similar to status exists in your world as well. On the other hand, I don’t understand what Geem is.”

“I see. So that’s how it’s work.”

“The details and nuances may differ, but I think it’s safe to assume that it’s basically what you have in mind. Status is a numerical representation of your individual abilities, and also shows your name, race, and age. In this world, status is also known as God’s blessing, and it is reflected in the numerical values as you fight demons and train your body in everyday life. Also, as you gain various experiences, your level will increase and your status may grow significantly. This process is often referred to as earning experience points.”

Wondering if the words could be understood, Rena nodded with a knowing look on her face. Because of her work, Rena was often involved in anime and games. She enjoyed them as a hobby, so she seemed to understand this world easily.

“Now, both of you, please touch the appraisal stone and let the magic flow through it.”


Perhaps she began to adapt to the current situation after talking with the gentle-mannered Lunaria, Rena came to Jin’s side and reached for the appraisal stone.

“Wait. Is there any way to check my status other than using this appraisal stone?”

Naturally, Jin was aware of this fact, but he could not try it because the action of checking his own status might reveal it to others.

“I guess I have not explained it properly. Appraisal stones are mainly used as a means of disclosing your status to others, and there is another way for you to check it for yourself. That’s right. Let’s try that one first. If there are any skills you don’t understand, I’ll explain them later when you use the appraisal stone. Now, close your eyes and remind yourself that you want to see the status.”

“Is that all you need to do?”

Rena nodded her head at how easy it seemed.

“Yes. This is also a type of magic, but it can be easily used by anyone without proper skills. That’s why they call it God’s blessing.”

I understand. I’ll try.

While confirming Rena shutting her eyes with a sideways glance, Jin also closed his eyes and made his status appear.


Name: Jin Hatsuki

Race: Human

Age: 18 years old

Occupation: Slave

LV: 50

HP: 720/720

MP: 37/1200

Strength : 700

Endurance : 650

Magic power: 900

Agility: 780

Skills : Kenjutsu(5), Sword Art(6), Dual Sword Art(6), Spear Art(3), Martial Art(5), Body Strengthening (5), Magic Manipulation (Ex), Fire Magic (8), Dark Magic (6), Lightning Magic (4), Perception (4), Magic Detection (5)

Special Skills: Magic Eye of Appraisal (-), Black Flame (-), Dual Wielding (-), Understanding Other Languages (-)

Title: Summoned Person, Exiled Hero, Black Flame, Hero, Demon King

Serving: Sayama Rena



“Is there something wrong?”

“Uh, no”

After being relieved to see that he had retained his previous status, Lunaria’s gaze intensified at the question that unintentionally came out of his mouth.

The fact that his status is slightly higher than before is probably a result of his increased level in the last battle and his activities after returning to the original world. The reason why I had so little MP left was a mystery, but I found out why my body wobbled right after I was summoned. The number must have been quite low, as it recovered a little through natural recovery. It is said that if the MP falls below 10% of its maximum value, the body will become weak due to lack of magic power and will not be able to exert its full potential. But that’s not the problem–

“Why the hell am I a slave? And also Rena-chan’s?”

When I was summoned before, my occupation was a junior high school student. Needless to say, after being appointed as a knight in this world, he would have changed into a knight or something else depending on the situation at that time. So he thought that this time he would be a high school student. He didn’t know why he became a slave.

“I’m sorry. what does it mean by servant?”

Lunaria removes her gaze from Jin and turns to Reina.

“A servant is one who obeys the commands of his or her master. In short, they are summoned beasts, slaves, and so on.

“Do you have any of those summoned, Rena-sama?”

“Um, well, that’s ……”

Rena glanced at Jin and muffled her words.

“That’s me”


Lunaria, who had been watching Rena’s situation questioningly, turned to Jin.

“It seems I’m Rena-chan’s slave.”

At Jin’s confession, Lunaria stopped moving out of astonishment.

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