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Slave Hero In Another World

1-3. The Hero identified

Translated by : kyrusai
Edited by : kyurusai


Jin Hatsuki -> Jin Hazuki

The knights, who until then were merely watching Jin and Rena with a wary eye without making a sound, began to rustle and whisper something.



“I guess it didn’t work…….”

I don’t know why, but I felt a growing sense of disappointment.

(What do you mean by failure, ……? There is something else going on …… apart from the summoning?


At Lunaria’s shout, the knights froze again like statues.

“Jin-sama, would you mind touching the appraisal stone for me to confirm?”

Jin hesitated for a moment, but then reminded himself that he shouldn’t be hesitant here. 

The slaves would be treated as the property of the servants, and using the appraisal stone would have only displayed their name, race, and who the master was.

It seemed to be a much more welcomed situation than exposing his true status, which would not seem natural right after being summoned and causing unnecessary suspicion.

“Yes, please”

He touched the appraisal stone with a little bit of acting to make it seem like he was confused about the situation of being a slave.

“Try to think of the appraisal stone in the same way you did when you checked the status yourself. That should allow the magic to flow through.”

Doing as he was told. The slightly uneasy performance continued.

Name: Jin Hazuki

Race: Human

Age: 18 years old

Occupation: Slave

Served: Rena Sayama

“As you say, it seems that Jin-sama has become a slave to Rena-sama…….”

“It would seem so.”

The sighs of the surrounding knights spread. The pity and disappointment on Lunaria’s face seemed to be mixed with a slight feeling of joy, and Jin became more cautious. Rena had an indescribable expression on her face.

“Then, Rena-sama, please.”


Rena, who had watched the earlier exchange, successfully activated the appraisal stone without any problem.

Name: Rena Sayama

Race: Human

Age: 17 years old

Occupation: High school girl Voice Actor Artist

LV: 1

HP: 140/140

MP: 150/150

Strength: 125

Endurance: 110

Magic power: 120

Agility: 160

Skills: Swordsmanship (1), Archery (1), Martial Arts (1), Light Magic (1), Ice Magic (1)

Servant: Jin Hazuki

“Huh? That looks a little different than what I saw on my own at ……?”

Rena, who was looking at the light letters floating in front of her, tilted her head slightly.

“Rena-sama probably has a special skill or title. There is a limit to the number of parameters that can be displayed depending on the performance of the appraisal stone. You’d have to use an artifact to even display the title.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“Yes. Then, I’m sure you understand the general idea, but I’ll explain it briefly. Level is an indicator of how much experience you have; HP is also commonly referred to as vitality, and it decreases when you are wounded, so think of it as dying when your HP reaches zero. If you do not take immediate action, you will lose your life. Also, please note that if you take heavy damage to a vital point, such as having your head cut off or your heart crushed, you will die instantly, independent of your HP.”

This sudden and disturbing information made Rena’s body shake with fear. This world, which feels like a game world, may have been recognized as a world that exists in reality. It is also a world where mortality is much more common than in modern Japan.

“MP indicates the amount of magic element contained in a person’s body, and it decreases mainly through performing magical feats. Since magic power is an important component of the body, if the remaining MP is extremely low, you will enter a state of weakness. If your MP drops to 0, it doesn’t mean you will die directly, but you will lose consciousness, so please be very careful. Strength, endurance, magic, and agility are directly related to your own abilities.”

Lunaria stopped talking for a moment and looked at Jin and Rena to make sure they were following the conversation before continuing.

“Skills are listed according to your aptitude. You acquire skills by being born with them, or by acquiring them through training, etc. For example, in swordsmanship, you can handle a sword even if you don’t have the skill, but if you have the skill, you can wield it more efficiently without being mindful of it. There is a correlation between the skill level of the sword and the ability to use it. As for the magic aptitude, without the skill, it requires a huge amount of magic power to convert the magical element into the phenomenon of that attribute, which is not practical. In other words, if you have the skills, you can use magic efficiently for that attribute.”

Rena listened to Lunaria’s explanation with a serious expression. Since it is similar to a game, it does not seem to be difficult to understand. Rena nodded her head, and Lunaria looked at her with satisfaction.

“Now, the most important thing is that we have confirmed Rena-sama’s status, and we have determined that she is a hero!”

“What do you mean? I don’t think there’s anything particularly, well, heroic about it.”

Rena twisted her head curiously.

“A very high ability value and excellent skills for a level 1. And, crucially, the occupation section. Rena-sama’s occupation is the same as that of the heroes of the past. There are geometric patterns on the screen that I cannot read.”

Indeed, the occupation of junior high school student when Jin was once summoned was also unreadable to people in this world. He can’t confirm whether the hero of the past that Lunaria is referring to is Jin himself. He felt like asking what had happened to the Rheinwelt Empire and Chris, but he told himself that it was not the time yet. Until Rena’s safety is secured to some extent, no careless actions are allowed.

“Her Imperial Highness, Princess Lunaria.”

The mature knight in red armor, who had been standing erect and watching attentively, approached Lunaria.

“Now that Rena-dono has been successfully identified as a hero, why don’t you finish here and continue tomorrow? That slave over there looks like he’s having a hard time standing.”

“Yes, you’re right. However, I will not allow you to treat Jin-sama, who we summoned without permission and who has become a slave due to our ineptitude, as if he were a common slave. Treat him as my guest, as you treated Rena-sama. The rest of you are also to follow.”

The knights return the salute under Lunaria’s gaze.

“I’m sorry about this. jin-sama, forgive me.”

“No, I don’t mind.”

He liked Lunaria’s resolute attitude and was relieved that he might not be treated as a slave.

Although the treatment of slaves in this world varies from region to region, I remember that the treatment of slaves in the Glenseal Empire at that time was particularly bad. Since they were the property of their masters, there was little risk of them being unreasonably killed by other intervention, but since they were treated as objects rather than people, there were no human rights. For better or worse, it depends on the master. And in the Glenseal Empire, the type of master that was not good to slaves was the norm. Jin felt lucky that he was Rena’s slave and not someone from the Glenseal Empire.

“Jin-sama, for causing you so much discomfort. I apologize.”

“Please raise your head. I don’t mind, and I’m glad you feel the same way, Lunaria-sama.”

“Thank you. I’ll show you to your room then.”

Lunaria looked up and called for the little girl with the leather collar, who had been standing there looking afraid the whole time.

“Sylph, show them to their rooms. Please be respectful.”


“Well then, jin-sama, Rena-sama. I will have food prepared later, so please relax until then.”

“Jin-sama, Rena-sama, this way.”

He bows to Lunaria and follows after Sylph with Rena. As he walked next to the red knight, he felt the red knight’s sharp eyes on him.

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